In retrospect, steamboat buffets are really the crustacean’s version of the Olympics which ends with the victor standing over sauce-filled podiums. Chew on revelations with today’s steamboat buffet BBQ. Picking a restaurant has never been as easy as apple pie. Here’s to a Steamboat, Sizzling BBQ, Dim Sum & Drinks Buffet that’s sure to satisfy even the most ardent diner.  Q Thai welcomes you to whet your appetite upon a wide array of mouthwatering steamboat and BBQ selections. So head over to Restoran Q Thai and leave as happy as a clam, once you’ve indulged in all the delicious goodness that this meal has to offer.

Buffet includes:

  • Soup: tom yam and chicken
  • 16 types of marinated seafood and meat for BBQ
  • 30 types of frozen seafood balls and frozen food
  • 15 types of seafood and meat for steamboat
  • 12 types of fresh and dry noodles
  • 15 types of vegetables
  • 8 types of mushrooms
  • 8 types of ready-to-eat authentic Thai dishes
  • 12 types of grilled, sizzling, and fried chicken, beef, and lamb
  • 6 types of ice cream
  • fresh and homemade steamed dim sum
  • fresh fruits




Our Steamboat Buffet Menu